AIによる壁画「AI Mural/六本木の壁画」 Media Ambition Tokyo 2019 出展のお知らせ

“AI Mural/Mural in Roppongi” will be exhibited in Media Ambition Tokyo 2019

ima Inc. has developed an AI mural painter “AI Mural/Mural in Roppongi” to exhibit in Media Ambition Tokyo 2019, together with the design labo inc..

Dates:Feb 23rd 〜 Mar 3rd
venue:Roppongi Hills, Tokyo City View
Concept:Artificial Intelligence has learned fine arts. A new form of modern art has been created as Artificial Intelligence paints murals. The oldest art form recorded by mankind is “wall-paintings”, hence, we have decided to begin AI ART starting from the wall. AI has learned from the paintings in Lascaux created by the Cro-Magnon people over twenty thousand years ago; seeing what was drawn and what was expressed. After this process, AI then scans and selects iconic contemporary symbols and begins drawing using a pen plotter. Just like Cro-Magnon people chose symbols from their own territory for the themes depicted on the walls, Artificial Intelligence, on its own, scans the internet for the symbols and subjects it wants to paint on the wall. Please enjoy the new Art created by AI, a development which has begun to erode a creative field with terrific force.